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 * Always keep your own safety in mind

 * Park in a safe place

 * Follow marshals' instructions

 * Observe and obey all event signs

 * Stay within the official spectator areas

 * Do not enter any prohibited areas

 * Keep off the road or track

 * Choose the place to watch the rally before the driving starts

 * Listen to official announcements

 * Expect the unexpected

 * Dont cross the rally track without the marshals’ permission

 * Never turn your back towards the rally track

 * Behave responsibly and help others to find place in safe spectating area at all times!

 * Do not litter the surrounding! Protect the nature!

 * Do not risk with your life for photo or video

 * On rally special stages in particular, remember:
Cars may run wide on corners
Cars may cut corners
Cars may throw up stones

 * Spectators must obey the instructions of rally marshals. Spectators who are asked to move and refuse to do so are putting their own safety and that of others at risk. Where this happens, a rally marshal has authority to notify the stage commander that the stage may have to be delayed and the stage commander will immediately take the appropriate action, which may include stopping the stage.

 * There may be dust during the rally that can obstruct visibility. During the rally, the cars may not run at a specified time interval, but can come closer faster than planned. When crossing the stage, always make sure that rally car is not near, and follow the instructions of safety marshal before you want to cross the track.

 * Respect signs and warning tapes! Stay in a safe distance from the track – warning tape won’t save you from accident, but safe place for spectating rally will!

 * If a flammable period is announced, it is forbidden to burn fires in the forest. Never leave a bonfire unattended! Leave the place when the fire is extinguished and smoldering is over. Do not drop on the ground burning matches, butts and other items!

 * Children always must be kept under careful supervision of adults, adults are fully responsible for children’s safety!

 * Track is opened for general movement by the car with the chequered flag stickers and flashing lights. After the opening of the special stage, drive in the same direction as rally cars!

 * During the rally and after it, please drive carefully, behave wisely, don’t drive aggressively and recklessly, do not endanger life of yours or others around! You are on the public roads and you don’t have to repeat driving seen on the track!